Post Partum Depression affects women and men of all ages, walks of life, and relationship dynamics. I am passionate about assisting those suffering from PPD due to my personal story and advanced training. I have completed the PSI and 202 Mom Professional Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training and have earned a certificate of completion. 

If you attend therapy to focus on PPD, our work will entail identifying your symptoms, normalizing your experience, and offering encouragment. There are many avenues to take to alleviate your symptoms and I work closely with your medical team to get you well-rounded care. In addition, therapy will focus on your fears, struggles, cognitive process, and how to increase your support system. 

A unique advantage that I am excited to offer is the ability to bring your child(ren) with you to therapy. Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay with you in session as there is plenty of room for toys and coloring on the floor. Older children have access to a play room next door where they can play and wait while you are in therapy. We offer these in hopes that childcare will not be a hindrance to you receiving help. 


Eating Disorders have been a career long focus of mine and is a prominent piece of my private practice. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and have over 11 years of training and experience. If you are in the journey of recovery from an Eating Disorder, please see my ED specific website for more information: 


I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2007 and have focused my practice on adults and adolescents 14+. In order to provide my clients with the best care, I have focused on a few specialities and devoted myself to extra training, certification programs, Boards of Directors, speaking engagements, and learning workshops in those areas. 

My specialities include:

-Major Depressive Disorder 

-Generalized Anxiety Disoirder

-General mood and anxiety disorders


-Bipolar Disorder

-Borderline Personality Disorder

If you are looking for support in another area, please give me a call and we can evaluate your needs over the phone to see if therapy together would be a good fit. 


Post Partum Depression can be confusing to identify due to the sleeplessness and chaos of bringing a new baby home. Often undiagnosed for those reasons, caregivers do not receive the support they desperately need. Without judgement or rationalization, I welcome you to a safe place to assess your symptoms and help you feel better. 

Please use the diagram here to understand more about PPD (and its counterparts) so you don't feel alone.