Questions you may learn to answer:

  • "How are my core beliefs about myself and the world affecting myself?"

  • "How did my family of origin react to situations?"

  • "What are the strengths I have that I can draw upon when struggling with my depression?

  • "How do I manage my intense emotions?"

  • "How do I stop thinking in black and white terms?"


Clients have often told me that it is clear that I have a passion for what I do, as can be seen in the dynamics of the therapy session. I am pretty sure that this is a nice way to say that I talk loudly and with my hands! I want to hear from you and listen to you, and I don't shy away from giving feedback, without judgement or blame. Therapy can often be a mirror in which you can see yourself more clearly and that is an emotional process as truths of how we cope are revealed. 

In our sessions we will look at areas where you feel stuck or hopeless and uncover unrealized skills, offer up new possibilities for action, and connect you to motivation for change. 

I offer short-term or long-term work. Together we will decide the frequency and length of treatment, based on your desire and struggles. Some clients come into therapy to address a current life stressor and feel therapy is concluded when the stressor has passed. They may take time off before coming back when the next stressor occurs, or decrease their frequency of attendance to "check-up" sessions. Other clients find that long-term therapy is essential in order to achieve and maintain peace and confidence. In either case, we will work together to make therapy a safe place where you feel you can thrive.

I utilize multiple treatment modals depending on each client's personality and presenting problem. I often help client's explore how their past is currently affecting their present in a more psychodynamic approach as well as teaching the integration of new ways to cope using more concrete tools in a Cognitive Behavioral approach. There are many ways we live out the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and together we will use in-depth exploration and skill building to help you change your story.